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Essential 3D City Icon Set for Easy Integration

Whether you are a landscaper or work for a city, developing architecture or construction software, or just drawing a city map, Perfect City Icon Set will not feel out of place. Perfect City Icon Set are drawn in the popular isometric projection, making it possible to assemble 3D-looking architectural drawings and projections of city blocks and districts. Make your architecture software look consistent and feel professional by using the perfectly crafted set of icons!

Your order gets you 102 unique icons depicting various architectural objects, buildings and symbols. Each image comes in multiple states, resolutions and formats. Each icon comes in all sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels, and three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. Color depths of 256 colors and 32-bit True Color are supported. All icons are supplied in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats. The entire set of 102 icons is available for only $99.95.

Icon states and sizes

Perfect City Icon Set

City icons
Megalopolis icons
Bedroom community icons
Bedroom community
Small house icons
Small house
House icons
Home icons
Bank icons
Bank building icons
Bank building
Brick home icons
Brick home
Brick house icons
Brick house
Brick buildings icons
Brick buildings
Sky-scrapers icons
Buildings icons
Cafe icons
Temple icons
Church icons
Cinema icons
Movie theatre icons
Movie theatre
Commercial icons
Commercial building icons
Commercial building
Company icons
Tall house icons
Tall house
Multistorey building icons
Multistorey building
Multistorey buildings icons
Multistorey buildings
Hotel icons
Condo- minium icons
Condo- minium
Condo- minium v2 icons
Condo- minium v2
Hospital icons
Hospital building icons
Hospital building
Municipal hospital icons
Municipal hospital
Drugstore icons
Drugstore building icons
Drugstore building
School icons
School building icons
School building
University icons
College icons
College building icons
College building
Theater icons
Museum icons
Shop icons
Retail shop icons
Retail shop
Football stadium icons
Football stadium
Stadium icons
Stadium v2 icons
Stadium v2
Zoo icons
Garden icons
Zoological garden icons
Zoological garden
Office icons
Yard icons
Telecom icons
Post office icons
Post office
Police station icons
Police station
Police station v2 icons
Police station v2
Police icons
Law-court icons
Government icons
Pentagon icons
Cemetery icons
Sculpture icons
Justice icons
Television icons
Tower icons
Tower v2 icons
Tower v2
Lighthouse icons
Toilet icons
Tumbledown building icons
Tumbledown building
Tumbledown building v2 icons
Tumbledown building v2
Wall icons
House-building icons
Construction icons
Building construction icons
Building construction
New room icons
New room
Chemical plant icons
Chemical plant
Chemical plant v2 icons
Chemical plant v2
Factory icons
Plant icons
Coal power plant icons
Coal power plant
Coal power plant v2 icons
Coal power plant v2
Hangar icons
Open hangar icons
Open hangar
Warehouse icons
Storehouse icons
Farm icons
Farm v2 icons
Farm v2
Camping site icons
Camping site
Billboard icons
Address icons
Bridge icons
Crossroad icons
Crossroad plain icons
Crossroad plain
Crossroad X icons
Crossroad X
Road up icons
Road up
Road down icons
Road down
Road H icons
Road H
Road V icons
Road V
Road NE icons
Road NE
Road SE icons
Road SE
Window icons
Windows icons
Closed door icons
Closed door
Open door icons
Open door
Community icons

Essential 3D City Icon Set for Easy Integration

Getting the look of city buildings and other metropolitan elements looking consistent and professional in a software program can be a monumental task, requiring hours of meticulous work and revisions to achieve a polished product. Working with professionally made city icons can save considerable time and money while bringing an attractive visual environment to your project, and we've created a collection of 3D isometric projection city icons that can quickly and easily be used to help you meet your objectives. Imagine the simplicity and convenience of having scores of building types and other city graphics at your fingertips with a style that brings everything together with deep color and crisp rendering. That's precisely what you'll get with this stellar set of city icons.

There are scores of applications for these simple yet appealing architectural and city-feature based graphics. Populate a map, create an image or large-scale graphic, enhance your software program or come up with new ways to incorporate these icons into your project. Basic building types including homes, apartments, hospitals, banks, and police stations are included, along with important elements such as gardens, sculptures, roads, and doors. Each icon is available in three styles including highlighted, normal, and disabled, and comes in multiple sizes and file formats to make their use in your project as straightforward as possible.

The effortless look and feel of this city icons set is matched with the exacting standards of 3D isometric projection to ensure that the pieces remain appealing and identifiable as a group. Whether you use only one or a few icons in your project or incorporate several at once, you'll find that the icons' superior design can enhance your project in unexpected ways. Choose quality, creativity, and convenience and opt for architectural city icons with class.

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