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Table Icon Set for Database Software

Perfect Table Icon Set is a collection of wonderful hand-made icons for use in various database products, including software applications, mobile projects, online web sites and presentations. The icons have bright color palette, smooth and well-rounded edges.

Your order gets you 156 unique icons. Each image comes in multiple states, resolutions and formats. Each icon comes in all sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels, and three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. Color depths of 256 colors and 32-bit True Color are supported. All icons are supplied in Windows Icon (ICO), Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and PNG formats. The entire set is available for only $49.95.

table Icon examples

Perfect Table Icon Set

Table icons
Tables icons
Grid icons
Datasheet icons
Desk icons
Office icons
Database table icons
Database table
Nested table icons
Nested table
SQL query icons
SQL query
Update SQL icons
Update SQL
DB icons
Data source icons
Data source
Data set icons
Data set
Merge tables icons
Merge tables
Stock table icons
Stock table
Datasheets icons
Batch move icons
Batch move
Query results icons
Query results
Previous table icons
Previous table
Next table icons
Next table
Export table icons
Export table
Import table icons
Import table
Send Table icons
Send Table
Refresh table icons
Refresh table
Revert table icons
Revert table
Update table icons
Update table
Attach table icons
Attach table
Mark table icons
Mark table
Pin table icons
Pin table
Point table icons
Point table
Choose table icons
Choose table
View table icons
View table
Find table icons
Find table
Look table icons
Look table
Cut table icons
Cut table
Create table icons
Create table
Add table icons
Add table
Table wizard icons
Table wizard
New table icons
New table
Edit table icons
Edit table
Correct table icons
Correct table
Save table icons
Save table
Delete table icons
Delete table
Erase table icons
Erase table
Clear table icons
Clear table
Table eraser icons
Table eraser
Check table icons
Check table
Accept table icons
Accept table
Repair table icons
Repair table
Remove table icons
Remove table
Forbidden table icons
Forbidden table
Table exclamation icons
Table exclamation
Table problem icons
Table problem
Table errort icons
Table errort
Table warning icons
Table warning
OK table icons
OK table
Table info icons
Table info
About table icons
About table
Print table icons
Print table
Trash table icons
Trash table
No table icons
No table
Favourites table icons
Favourites table
Money table icons
Money table
Credit card table icons
Credit card table
Lock table icons
Lock table
Table key icons
Table key
Filter table icons
Filter table
Table options icons
Table options
Table settings icons
Table settings
System table icons
System table
Copyright table icons
Copyright table
Calculate table icons
Calculate table
Email field icons
Email field
Letter table icons
Letter table
Table letter icons
Table letter
Phone field icons
Phone field
Phone table icons
Phone table
Call table icons
Call table
Pie chart table icons
Pie chart table
Pie chart grid icons
Pie chart grid
3d diagram icons
3d diagram
3d chart icons
3d chart
Table figures icons
Table figures
Table query icons
Table query
Query table icons
Query table
Table comment icons
Table comment
Table hint icons
Table hint
Table question icons
Table question
Table meter icons
Table meter
RSS table icons
RSS table
Global table icons
Global table
Web table icons
Web table
Fast table icons
Fast table
Table events icons
Table events
Table bomb icons
Table bomb
Table glossary icons
Table glossary
Table navigation icons
Table navigation
Table objects icons
Table objects
Todo table icons
Todo table
Credit table icons
Credit table
Income table icons
Income table
Table phone icons
Table phone
Music table icons
Music table
Sound table icons
Sound table
Percent value icons
Percent value
Calculated field icons
Calculated field
Table font icons
Table font
Function icons
Table user icons
Table user
User table icons
User table
Timetable icons
Gantt chart icons
Gantt chart
Gantt charts icons
Gantt charts
Excel icons
Table 4x4 icons
Table 4x4
Table 3x3 icons
Table 3x3
Table 2x2 icons
Table 2x2
Table cell icons
Table cell
Database icons
Copy database icons
Copy database
New database icons
New database
Edit data icons
Edit data
Add database icons
Add database
Apply database icons
Apply database
Delete database icons
Delete database
Destroy database icons
Destroy database
Connect database icons
Connect database
Disconnect database icons
Disconnect database
Lock database icons
Lock database
Unlock database icons
Unlock database
Search data icons
Search data
Repair database icons
Repair database
Restore data icons
Restore data
Backup data icons
Backup data
Backup database icons
Backup database
Restore database icons
Restore database
Remote database icons
Remote database
Database access icons
Database access
Database configuration icons
Database configuration
Dataset provider icons
Dataset provider
Session icons
Db relations icons
Db relations
Run SQL icons
Stored proc icons
Stored proc
Add record icons
Add record
Remove record icons
Remove record
Delete record icons
Delete record
First record icons
First record
Last record icons
Last record
Previous record icons
Previous record
Next record icons
Next record
Data storage icons
Data storage
Data icons
Data warehouse icons
Data warehouse
Raw data icons
Raw data
XML data icons
XML data
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Desktop Icon Set - Making Desktops Look Lucrative!

These days, application makers and the web designers are seriously looking for the most effective looking desktop icons which they can use for applications and website. These professionals were using the traditional method of designing these icons at own end before and adding them for the applications and website design. But now the internet has certainly managed to change the whole way for them! Now these professionals are taking help of the ready to use icons and downloading them from the online world for free.

And the sites not offering free download option for these icons are exactly adding a very small fee for using these icons straightaway once downloaded from the internet. Its all about making the desktop icons eye catching and the people involved in the icon making task knows it very well. Now you can also avail bitmap icons, vector icons and stock icons along with the desktop icons that can really make your application or web designing task easier than before. Reason why Windows rearranges icons on the desktop is just because that "forgets" layout that the icons had. Each time that you reboot and shut down computer, icons are generally saved to database that gives exact positions on the screen. While Windows can't read the positions, it also gets very confused & basically resorts to rearranging entire list of the icons on desktop.

First thing that you have to do to fix problem is disabling "Auto Arrange Icon Set" aspect of system. Lots of computers have auto arrange icons choice that is enabled on the system that causes computer to try & put icons in the specific order. In order, to fix this, you must right click on desktop, and click on the "View" and see in case, "Auto-Arrange" is been ticked. In case, it is, untick it and this must stop rearranging. In case, your computer doesn't have "auto arrange" choice checked, you must then look at some other option named as "Align Icon Set To Grid". It is the option that generally links icons to some part of the computer screen as well as in case, the options gets damaged or else corrupted, then Windows is known to rearrange these icons on the desktop. In order, to fix this, you have to right-click on desktop, and click on the "View" and after that on the "Align Icon Set To Grid".

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